CMS Nested does not work with CMS Load

Hey everyone !

the problem is that I have 131 items that I’d like to display in a single collection, I’ve used CMS Load render-all from Finsweet, the missing items appear but the contents of my nested collection (which is on the CMS template page) don’t load in the 31 additional items.

I also have a feature for zooming in and out of images, but the 31 items are not affected… :frowning:

It’s a bit complex, so if anyone has any ideas to help me out, that would be great!

thanks you :slight_smile:

Here is the published link: Nabil - Photography

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Hi Damien,

Finsweet has a support forum as part of their Plus subscription. It’s the best place to ask questions regarding complex FS setups or or situations that aren’t working as you expect them to.

Yes, I know, but unfortunately I haven’t had a reply for several days…