Finsweet nested CMS


I’m trying to get the CMS Nest attribute by @Finsweet to work for the first time.
I’ve never needed help to get one of their tool to work but I’ve been stuck all evening.

On a template page from a collection called sitemaps
I want to nest three sets of items from a collection named relations

Items in list N3 are linked to a parent in N2 from relations collection
Items in list N2 are linked to a parent in N1 from relations collection
Items in list N1 are linked to a parent in sitemaps collection

I have also done a multi-reference link in sitemaps to N1 items in relations as instructed in the doc:

Now, to implement nested collections, I have tried so many things that I’m completely lost.

At the nesting level I have a link to the item:

I have the nest where the nested CMS list is supposed to get nested:

And at the nested level I have the attribute on the list:

I would appreciate some help, tit’s driving me crazy.
Thanks a lot,

Here is my public share link: LINK

hey @Joachim_B
did you found a solution?

Hi Joachim,

i have used a lot of finsweet attributes and i am willing to help you, thus i saw that you speak french so don’t hesitate to add me on Discord and we could work this out :slightly_smiling_face:


Have a good day