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I am trying to create a handbook for a public charter school using the CMS functionality. The current website is at for reference.

The functionality I cannot figure out how to do is to have the menu on the right side link to a section on the same page in the left column instead of a separate page for that CMS entry. The current non-Webflow website has it all statically created and I use anchor links to navigate to the relevant section. With the CMS it will be easier for the editors (non-technical) to be able to have each section as a separate entry in the CMS which is why I want to do it this way. The users like to be able to see everything on a single page.

Is this possible?

Bonus points if there is a way to make the navigation menu list sticky to the top so when I scroll it stays. Although that isn’t a big deal.

Thank you for any guidance.

Here is my public share link: LINK
Here is my public page in question: LINK

As the list replicated everything from a record to another, it’s not possible yet to add anchors within it, or in between records.

As for the fixed menu, can you try playing with position:fixed?

Thanks for the quick response. Hopefully something like the anchors will be available in the future.

For the sticky/fixed menu I tried the fixed positioning as you suggested but I run into two issues.

First is that the menu is longer then the page and I want to avoid scroll bars. The behavior I would want is to have it scroll down with the page and when it gets to the bottom of the menu it stays there while the page continues to scroll.

Second is that because the header/navbar moves, it leaves a big spot at the top when set to fixed. Ideally the section would be sticky to the section above it which is the header/navbar while the content scrolls in line with the page scroll.

Normally I would use a javascript component to do this, but I want to go simple and use native functionality throughout the site. It isn’t a big deal, so if its not possible without an external component I will skip it for now.


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