CMS Marketing Brochure / Info?

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First of all I always like to start my posts with Webflow is Awesome! can’t say it enough on how much you guys are top of the line in offering us (your customers) a visual website design tool!

Is there any marketing collateral that highlights the key features and benefits of the CMS tool for resellers? I have a client that would like to go to CMS and I offered to send them some information on it. I know I can always create this, but I thought I would check here first before I make my own just to save time if something does exist.



funny enough i have been working on putting together a list addressing this today. here is what i have so far…definitely would love for the community to add-on.

  1. A blank canvas for creativity. Webflow doesn’t bind us into a template like Wordpress, so we can build exactly what you want—and what your content needs. Since there are no templates or plugins you don’t have to worry about your site breaking after an update.
  2. No more static mockups. Creating static mockups for a variety of screen sizes, dimensions, and orientations eats up tons of time. Not to mention, it is often difficult to envision how those static mockups become live, dynamic websites. As we build your website, Webflow allows me to send you a fully functional, live website instead of a static mockup. From the very first iteration of your site you can play around with it on your desktop, tablet, and phone as if it was the final live site. This leads to better feedback and design decisions.
  3. Built in staging url. Webflow also gives the option to publish changes to a staging URL ( so we can test functionality and review content before it is pushed to the live site. No more broken websites. Not only does this allow us to take care of bugs in an isolated environment, it also allows us to start developing entirely new sections of your site that can be privately shared with others before being released to the public.
  4. Easy to understand back-end. It is considerably less difficult to add new blog posts to your site built with Webflow when compared to Wordpress.
  5. Write and edit–right on the page. We can make changes right on the live website and the content will update automatically, where it appears. This allows for small updates to be turned around really quickly. You no longer have to wait days for a typo to be changed.
  6. Automatic site backups (versioning). Webflow automatically creates a backup version of your site every 20th autosave (as well as a manually whenever we want). If we ever need to revert a change (whether due to a bug or a change in direction), restoring a backup only takes a click.
  7. Best-in-class performance. Webflow hosts your site on multiple AWS servers and serve up assets via Fastly and Amazon CloudFront, so your pages load in no time and update in seconds. Webflow guarantees 99.99% up-time.
  8. Free and easy updates. The Webflow team makes improvements and bug fixes frequently, and we’ll get them all for free—without having to download or back up a thing.
  9. Already trusted by amazing design companies. Teams from high profile companies like Pinterest, Ideo, MasterCard, Intuit, Salesforce, MTV, Autodesk and Razorfish are using Webflow.
  10. Community. Over 380,000 designers, developers, and entrepreneurs have built over 400,000 websites. The Webflow community is incredibly helpful and awesome to work with when it comes to troubleshooting your site.

Nicely put, @dapitts08!

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Well written @dapitts08 :smiley: my only addition is that the AWS Servers (which Webflow uses) are EXTREMELY secure and built for scalability (aka they can handle a lot of site traffic and not slow your site down which is awesome). Here is more info on how awesome AWS servers are: Cloud Object Storage – Amazon S3 – Amazon Web Services

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thanks @waldo…i looked at the link …i believe both of those are what amazon offers but not necessarily what webflow has passed onto us yet. for instance, i did not include anything regarding security since webflow doesn’t offer us SSL yet SSL (which i think is something that we really need and would be willing to pay for)…am i missing something?

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