CMS items not populating properly only on mobile


I can’t share a read only link as content is confidential. I have a simple setup.

The CMS page is like this.


  • Two Column Grid with auto expanding rows
  • left column is images. imgs are wrapped in div cntr.
  • right column is image text. text is wrapped in a div cntr.


  • Single Column with auto expanding rows
  • first row cell is main img
  • second row cell is copy
  • following row cells are imgs

This works as expected where CMS Items show all of the saved imgs and img text (if one cms item has 3imgs, i get 3imgs on that page. if another cms item has 5imgs, i get 5imgs on that page.)

BUT, mobile portrait and landscape does not work. The cms item that has only 3 pages will show 3 imgs and then more empty boxes.

I’ve set conditional visibility attribute to the img itself, the img cntr, and the grid, but nothing seems to work.

Any help will be tremendous. Thank you.

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Hi Taeho,

If you want help and cannot share your main project link for some reason, your best approach here is to create a new project with the layout you’re having problems with.

Without being able to see the details of your settings, and to directly try adjustments, it’s very difficult for the community to help you.

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Hi Michael,
Thanks very much for the reply. I didn’t know I got a response.
I managed to figure it out.
Going forward, i will make sure the shareable link isn’t concealed in the shareable link. Thank you.