Cms items not appearing

My CMS items are not appearing and i can not figure out why\

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You cannot use the Slider component with Collections. Try using this:

Hope this helps

but the slider is working everywhere else on my website i am super confused…literally on every other angle of my website and all of them are connected to my collections…

after playing with the attribute for 5 hours i finally got it.

but now it does not show on the live site and in addition - the slides overlap.

Can someone help me fix it?

There are quite a few Webflow elements that are not directly CMS-bindable, including form selects, checkbox & radio button groups, menu dropdowns, tabs, and carousels. Nelson gave you the best and easiest advice for using Webflow’s carousel with the CMS- you should probably thank him.

Congrats! This is how you learn web development. It’s how we all learned too.

The docs for CMS slider are very straightforward- one slider and one collection list, with attributes. For some reason you have your collection lists inside of the slides, which is not a “CMS bound slider.”

Maybe have a look at those docs again.

Keep in mind that you are using a library here, which means you won’t see the CMS-bound slider in the designer or in preview- only on the published site where javascript can run.


haha thank you.

Yes this is how the template i bought was set up and i think it is better as i have more control on each image and do not have to play each time.

any ideas on why this is like this and not appearing on my live site like it was before i added the new slide manually?

it loads for a half second and dissappers

The CMS already gives you image control for each item. If you’re wanting your Slider to be CMS-bound, and expand automatically with new items. you’ll need to redesign that.

Build a new one properly next to it using Finsweet’s CMS Slider, and you can compare and test to see which you prefer.

I sure wouldn’t expect it to work in the current state- you have FS CMS Slider half-installed.

hey - thanks for the response!! I already set up another multiple sliders that would automatically expand and tested it and did not like it at all because it shows one slide at a time and instead of multilpe and then being able to slide through. in addition i tried to mimick the design and it looks horrible. i would much prefer it this way hence why i am asking about this specifically.

where do i have it half installed? i followed the instructions and put the first attribute in the list and then put the second in the main slider element . in the tutorial it says once those 2 things are done (and the custom html is in which i also did) you just need to style it see below.

What am i missing? Could you please point it out? apologies for the inconvenience .

i addition , before i added the new slide, it was working perfectly woth 3 slides

i followed the other 2 steps, and in the last step tried putting those attributies into each slide and list. that did not work. then i tried just the slider element and all the lists, and that didnt work.

any ideas?

okay i finally figured it out.

I thought that the best way to do a slider was through attributes.

then i after the design was horrible because each image in each cms item is different sizes / shape so i decided to try to figure out the design that was put there before.

but i cannot copy that same design bc the website acts differently with CMS vs not CMS (also the images are different sizes as said)

So then i thought the person who made the site use used attributes (i checked and i guess i was working so hard i didn’t realize I might have added the attributes to what they did) but they just created different slides with CMS bindings separately which makes sense because they want to show multiple slides at once and the attributes only lets you show one at a time ( i prefer all at once as i think it is cooler and matches better with my design)

Then i played with the way attributes was set up for 5 hours - only to have someone point out that in fact having seperate slides with individual CMS lists in them is a different solution than attributes and the two cannot co-exist on the webflow site.

as soon as i deleted all the attributues it worked great.

learning this stuff is hard. i hate how much time i spend on it. but i guess it pays off over time.

Thank you for everyones help!!!