CMS Importing default item Name

I am trying to import a CSV data into my webflow CMS. The import works, but for some reason the first mapped Name field does not import the values, but instead creates generic name like ‘imported item 1’. This also is affecting the slug that is generated, so the slug is not customized but rather some generic text.

all of my cms items have name that starts with “imported item”, followed by a number. and not the name of the company which is what I want. The other fields are imported as normal. the final published site shows the generic name and not the real names

site link(read only) : Grantees


I also had the same problem.

The solution: You need a column in your CSV in which you assign the name of the item. When importing into Webflow, you then have to link this field to the “Name” field via “Map to existing field”. The slug then generates itself automatically from this name. Tadaa.