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CMS Hreflang for Multi-language Store

Hi, I’m setting up an eCommerce website. I’m between WeGlot, or duplicating all the content.

The main issue with duplicating content is how to set hreflang on each product, as there are over a thousand products. What’s the best approach here?

The main issue with WeGlot is loosing or having to redirect over a thousand backlinks that lead to the old, english Urls, and loosing seo juice by using subdomain instead of subfolders.

Any help is appreciated, bonus points for any tips on how best to have prices for different currencies!
Integrating with for eCommerce, not Webflow Ecommerce.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Yaco,

  1. I know that @foxy supports multi-language to a certain extent (no sure what exactly). read here
  2. Google says you should use rel="alternate" & hreflang="lang_code" (read here) this way:
    Create a field in your products collection that will fill the variant in the hreflang attribute and add this line to the product page custom code section:
    <link rel="alternate" hreflang="{hreflang_field}">

Thank you @avivtech , that’s all useful.

  1. Thanks for the info! I’m checking with the foxy team to see how to set up 2 languages and currencies 2.
    It seems Weglot also has some tools that might help it play well with foxy. I wrote foxy with those and hopefully, one of those is the key to a solution.

  2. I see, this would populate the code dynamically, however, It seems that each page needs to reference its partner page in the different language, which is what seems to require manual work. I could be wrong though, I’m not familiar with the nuances of hreflang.

Thanks Aviv!

Hi, as you provide multiple-language and multiple-currency, I would suggest you run different shops. It provides the best flexibility to control differences of currency, prices, languages, products, stock availability etc… In such case, country level domain would be a direct way to tell search engine like google your sites are targeting various regions. You could easily set up hreflang tags for different domain sites.(For reference, you may read the post:

Besides, to boost customer conversion rate and bring local to visitors immediately, you can auto direct visitors to correct site. For example, use Geo Targetly. It detects locations by IP. With its Geo Redirect tool, location rules can be set up easily, each with individual redirecting URL. Regardless of whichever shop your visitors clicks on, he will be route to his localised site. The service provides one-time integration Javascript code, ready-to-use, for your eCommerce.

Hope it helps!