CMS help: Struggling with Layout/Display

In need of some guidance/advice–

My client is a chemical and industrial product distributor in Mexico City. They have five product categories and anywhere between 20 & 60 products per category.
Since they do not want to set up for ecommerce, I took the CMS approach to upload all the information I needed, but now, I am really stuck.
I made collections for the categories, “Divisiones,” and for all products.
I tried the approach of using only the Divisiones CMS page for each of the five to display all products for that category and was feeling ok about the layout/structure, but then hit a wall when I was trying to input all the products for the category called “Pisos” – an error message popped up saying that I could not have more than twenty CMS list items per page… so now I have no idea what to do; am I going to have to manually input everything? Am I overcomplicating this and there is a much easier solution?

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Hey Daniela — hope you’re well!

First, correct me if any information I’ve written in my recap below is wrong:

  • Your client has 5 product categories, with each containing 20 - 60 products per category
  • You created 5 different collections for each category and placed the respective 20-60 products in their own collection
  • You got an error telling you that you can only have 20 CMS list items per page.


If so, I think I know the solution here! Looking at your share link, I think that you CMS is set-up well, but your page just needs to be structured a little differently. I think the ideal set-up for you is having 5 collection lists on your static (non-CMS) page. Currently, you’re using nearly 20 lists, but I don’t think that’s necessary. Plus, as you know, you can only have 20 collection lists per page, but you can have 100 items per list on a single page.

See the limitations here:

That said, check out this link.

READ ONLY: Webflow - Products/Divisions

I recreated a (very basic) site structure for you with two collections - categories and products. There are 4 categories there, and about 20 “products”, each assigned a category in the CMS.

You’ll see on the home page that every product in the Products collection is showing as expected. Here’s how the page is set up. Since I have 4 categories, I have 4 collection lists on the page, where each one is filtered by category of the product.

Each of the 4 collection lists can have up to 100 items in it, so you should be well below the max limit and shouldn’t run into any errors.

The difference between my set-up and yours is that you’ve got multiple collection lists on your page, though you don’t need that many to set up the layout you want. Keep it simple with just the 4 (or however many categories there are) collections, filter accordingly, and all your products should show as you desire!

Hopefully that helps. Collections were honestly really tricky for me at first. In fact, I had a question incredibly similar to yours on the forum as well:

But I eventually got the hang of it! Just takes a little bit of planning in the beginning and you’ll be set. :smile:

@mattvaru you are AWESOME! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out and even including examples. Much appreciated!!

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