CMS grid hover animation individual to each grid item

I’m looking for a way to trigger individual, unique hover animations elsewhere in the page section for each block in a CMS grid. As it stands, each item in the grid seems to share a class, so I can’t figure out how to trigger different hover interactions from each CMS grid item. What I’m trying to do is pull up a team member feature, located inside a separate div in the section. What I’ve read seems to suggest that everything has to be inside the same CMS collection - if this is the case, I’m just going to have to rebuild this differently. Would love your thoughts if you have a solution. Thanks!

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Hey Bennette_Sebastian,

Just came across your post while searching for some similar issues. I know that your issue can be solved by making sure the hover interactions are all set to effect only ‘children with this class’ shown in the picture. This means that any hover animations are set to within the single grid item and won’t occur in the others.