CMS for a Portfolio with Different kinds of Projects


I’m currently setting up a portfolio site that has several different types of projects (Video work, print work, photography) So far the video tutorials and articles from webflow have been extremely helpful and I feel like I have a solid grasp on what’s covered within the majority of the 21 day portfolio video series. I understand and can build within that framework.

When the project elements are “apples to apples” as they are in the portfolio tutorial vids, things are very straightforward, but when there starts to be differences, the organization (in my head, at least) starts to breakdown.

The issue I’m running into now is about how to use CMS when each project has a host of different elements in different orders. Each project has a slightly differing order to best showcase the work. I.E. some projects lead with images, others lead with a video. Some have 1 videos, some have 4. Some projects have gifs highlighting fun elements interspersed throughout, others do not.

A hypothetical example:

Project 1
Has one Section: “Video” containing:

  • an appropriate header
  • a Video link
  • a gallery with a several photos

Project 2
Has 3 separate sections: “Print”, “Broadcast”, “Social”.

  • “Print” would contain the appropriate header and an image galley
  • “Broadcast” would contain the appropriate header and 3 videos
  • “Social” would contain the appropriate Header and 6 videos

Project 3
Has 4 separate sections: “Social”, “Broadcast”, “Print”, “Design”.

  • “Social” would contain the appropriate header and an image galley
  • “Broadcast” would contain the appropriate header and 2 videos
  • “Print” would contain the appropriate Header and 2 videos
  • “Design” would have a single image and an image gallery.

When the the desired order of project stays the same and the only difference is the number of elements or “sections” things are easy. However, I can’t figure out how to use CMS to make elements display in the “correct” order across different types of projects with different types of elements. (There are, of course, elements that do stay the same throughout—like image headers, client names, project descriptions, credits, etc—which is what drew me to using CMS)

My first thought was adding far more custom categories than needed and then applying filtering to the empty categories but after adding up the totals, you run up against the 30 field limit quickly. Then I thought, maybe there is a way to add switches—but that’s not quite right by my understanding—which makes me believe there is a much more simple of doing this that I am not just thinking of.

I’ve scoured around for a couple of days and haven’t managed to find anything addressing this directly (including these forums) so apologies in advance if this is something common I’ve overlooked. Thanks for taking the time to read—It’s much appreciated.

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