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CMS Field Deletion


There is a field in my Projects CMS collection that I have been trying to delete. I want to delete the ‘Tags’ from the ‘Projects Collection’

Each time, I get the error ‘Cannot Delete Field’ with the message ‘This field is currently used by either a Collection List on the site or inside a Collection Page. To delete this field, you’ll need to remove any references to it first.’

The field is empty in each Project, and I have removed them from the Collection Template Page. I have even double checked and cannot find if it is still linked somewhere.

I read in another thread about saving and doing a hard refresh, I’ve done that multiple times as well and still have not been successful deleting the field.

Any suggestions?

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Hey @totallymax if you look at the top of the toolbar on the right side of the screen theres a button that looks like 3 tear drops. When you click that button there will be a list of all the elements you’ve created that aren’t actually being used on your site at the moment. Chances are, you deleted the element connected to “Tags” but didn’t actually turn off that connection. When you delete an element it doesn’t actually remove that elements styling, including connections to cms. You could hit “clean up” and it’ll delete all these unused elements but do so with caution and make sure you don’t need any of these elements for the project going forward. You could go through each of them separately as well and find the element or elements that are still connected and then delete the appropriate items. Hopefully this helps!