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CMS Editor WOES - Rich Text Fields not "easy" to use

I am having issues with my clients adding and formatting Rich Text Field content. For the most part they are trying to copy and paste content from a Word document into the Rich Text Field on the editor, but it seems to change their text, randomly adding and removing line breaks and spaces, causing them to have to practically retype all of the content in the field the entire field. This is getting frustrating for them and they are constantly complaining about it.

How can I help them improve their user experience with the Webflow editor, I would hate to have to change their hosting platform to something like WordPress but it is challenging for them and not very intuitive either. Is there anyway I can do something like embedding TinyMCE or a text editor like the one we use for the wishlist or even the one used in this Forum.

Hi Terhen,

I have also encountered this problem before, and I was sure this is because of my Word Doc. that was uni-coded differently (For Hebrew text).

I have 2 ideas for you that might work:

  1. Copy all the text first into a Google Docs Document, and then from there copy it to the website.
  2. Try replacing one of the Rich Text elements with a simple Paragraph.

Let me know if one of these solved it for you :slight_smile:


Teach your clients how to paste plain text with no formatting,

(Mac: command-shift-v, Windows : ctrl-shift-v)