Multi-reference field not imported for most of the CMS items

Most of the items for my multi-reference field ‘Company City’ are not being imported. Just some of them are.

I have no idea what the issue is here. The mapping seems to be correct and all other things as well because for some of the items the multi-reference field is actually mapped and imported.

In the CMS item preview the multi-reference field is actually filled.

But when I import, for most of the items, the multi-reference field is not imported.

See an example here of an item ‘Advantage Tech Services’ which is imported without the ‘Company City’:

You can see here that for that item the Company City should have been ‘Atlanta’.

You an see here that Atlanta is also available for the multi-reference field when I add it manually (it is present in the cities collection list):

Now the question is, why is Atlanta not imported??

And why does the Company City for some items succeed, but for most not?


Here’s my read only:

This is a bug
Webflow Support offered a workaround:

Hey Yuma,

I am having the same issue with importing via CSV for reference fields — they are not recognized even though they exist. I tried cycling through via the NEXT button in hopes of that working, but that doesn’t seem to resolve the issue for me. Any thoughts? Am I missing something?

You can use PowerImporter to Update Webflow CMS with a CSV import and set the multi-reference fields. It supports any value for the multi-reference field, as long as they uniquely identify the CMS item, e.g. slug, CMS Item ID, internal id, etc.

This problem still exists. I’ve tried every work around I can think of - using different browsers, recreating the site from scratch, importing using different tools, importing using different field types, etc…

This has obviously been an issue for a while, I’m surprised Webflow hasn’t addressed this yet. They even confirmed that it is a bug. If you rely on the CMS for managing hundreds or thousands of items, this bug makes Webflow almost useless. One can’t be expected to manually go through and update every item individually, it would take hours if not days to do.

Using a third party tool such as PowerImporter is not the solution. We’re already paying for this functionality in Webflow, I don’t want to spend more money on additional third-party apps for something Webflow should do.

Is anyone else still having this issue. I have a ticket open with Webflow, but their support team, while friendly and nice, is very slow to respond.

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Same. Fails to work with a basic CSV or with the Make application. ARRRGGGHHH!

Yes, I am also experiencing this issue. Very frustrating with large collections…

I’ve tried importing items with Make as well, without any luck. Apparently, WF is aware of this issue and is investigating. I’ve had a support ticket open for nine days with now updates.

Same issue here. I had to destroy my entire project dismantling each field to replace it with a new database thinking that would solve the issue and its still has a 100% failure rate. If I can not link the two collections then I cant build the tool.

I am getting a correct projected import as I go though the items and then a 100% failure on the actual import. All of the fields in the multi-field are confirmed there in the destination collection.

The current project is a shell to get the data working before I rebuild the pages. Not sure if the read-only link will provide any help as there is just the database but sharing to get any help possible.

Thsanks in advance