Multi-reference field not imported for most of the CMS items

Most of the items for my multi-reference field ‘Company City’ are not being imported. Just some of them are.

I have no idea what the issue is here. The mapping seems to be correct and all other things as well because for some of the items the multi-reference field is actually mapped and imported.

In the CMS item preview the multi-reference field is actually filled.

But when I import, for most of the items, the multi-reference field is not imported.

See an example here of an item ‘Advantage Tech Services’ which is imported without the ‘Company City’:

You can see here that for that item the Company City should have been ‘Atlanta’.

You an see here that Atlanta is also available for the multi-reference field when I add it manually (it is present in the cities collection list):

Now the question is, why is Atlanta not imported??

And why does the Company City for some items succeed, but for most not?


Here’s my read only:

This is a bug
Webflow Support offered a workaround:

Hey Yuma,

I am having the same issue with importing via CSV for reference fields — they are not recognized even though they exist. I tried cycling through via the NEXT button in hopes of that working, but that doesn’t seem to resolve the issue for me. Any thoughts? Am I missing something?

You can use PowerImporter to Update Webflow CMS with a CSV import and set the multi-reference fields. It supports any value for the multi-reference field, as long as they uniquely identify the CMS item, e.g. slug, CMS Item ID, internal id, etc.