Cms Collection Field doesnt update or show the field

Hello, Webflowians!

Hi Anybody can help?
I add on cms collection the fiels ( discription) then I delete and add instate a Rich text but now doest show the updated field to get text from.

What should I do to get the disciptions from the collection to service Template?

see the screenshot

Hello @Progeektech918

To get the description from your collection, replace the paragraph element with a rich text component from the Add panel. Then, you will see the option for the description in the dropdown list.

​Hope this is helpful.

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Anna K

Thank you so much, for your help, Now if you noticed has a button but I create pages for each services but when i select one for each assign services, all of them are link to the same page but i want to link each service to each individual bottom

how can I do that?

thank you so much for your support. :slight_smile:

here is the link

Hi there,

Could you help to share the link to your site? I think the issue is that you should choose the Current detail page instead of another page listed in the dropdown.

Here is how to share the read-only link: Share a read-only link | Webflow University

Thanks in advance!