CMS button won't link to different files!

Hi, Webflow professionals,

I need an urgent help:

  • What are the method to update that button interaction within the CMS template page?
  • And how can I add elements to customized the current CMS template pages?

So I was working on my case studies by using a template I bought. It has CMS page collection and a button in each page. I tried to edit the button interaction, I wanted to make the button link to different PDF file. But, the button can only link to one file, and it’s appear to be on every different page. (Please see the screenshot. The PDF should link to Yawoni on the Yawoni CMS page, but it’s linked to another project called My Daily.)

Thank you!!

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To link this button dynamically to your collection item, click on the “Get file from Works” checkbox. You will need additional buttons for additional files.

I clicked on the Get file from works but still not able to link to different file. Also not sure how to create another button inside this template, it seems all uneditable…

Quick question. Have you built or modified a Webflow CMS template page before?

Not really, I only had some experiences built individual pages from scratch. And this is the template CMS I am working on…really think webflow should make a better user friendly tool for beginners…

Yes, the CMS part is more complex. You can learn how to use this better through webflow university: