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CMS API + Zapier Comments System

Nice work man, ill have a play

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Thanks. The 15 minute delay in updating the collection is a slight pain but the whole concept is Zaps concept is really great.

Ah yes the lower level zaps, also sucks webflow makes you publish instead
of auto publish

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Your site offline now?

Nope. Working well. News comments updated too.

Hmmm, there’s got to be a way around this. Having to publish each update will really hold back the CMS/API feature.


Indeed, although I’m sure a simple switch could be created in settings to turn on auto publishing per site.

I would hope so too. Am sure it will be incorporated soon with incremental updates.

This is AWESOME!!! @AlexManyeki so cool!!! How did you do the search bar?

Thanks Arthur. The search was done through Isotope. @SidneyOttelohe wrote an article on the same here a while back. I just made some adjustments here and there;

Original Link:

UPDATE MAY 15, 2017

Please Note;

  • This system is on the free plan and maximum CMS items limit apply (currently at maximum for this one - no new comments)
  • If you want to use it in production, make sure you have a paid plan for your project or delete some of the comments that exist here
  • An interaction which prevented comments from displaying has been fixed.

Here is the google sheets link for reference : -

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So new comments only show if I manually publish my webflow site?

Not if you use the new “Create Live CMS Item” instead of just “Create CMS Item”.

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I’m curious about how far this comment feature could be extended…

Reply to individual comment? Indented responses? Subscribe to new comments?

Awesome, love it :heart_eyes:

Here’s a solution that I’ve come up with to have a commenting system, with user logging, only logged in users may add/edit comments, everyone (even logged out visitors) can read comments, etc…

Not very far. Even on the largest plan for Webflow you can only have 10k comments and then no comments ever again.

That would be a great problem to have :smile: your site is so popular that you have to migrate to a 3rd party solution to handle the success. In the interim, these solutions are SUPER helpful to get started with.

Ha, true. But if you don’t have the biggest plan then it’s only 2000 comments. Or if you have a blog, 200 posts and 1800 comments. It fills up quickly.

I hear what you’re saying, but it needs to be countered by stating that 200 blog posts that total 1,800 comments (or whatever ratio you decide to break that up into) takes SERIOUS effort + time.

It’s nontrivial.

Most blog posts get zero comments. Writing 200 blog posts is not instant (example: 1 blog post / week would take you ~4 years to reach 200 blog posts).

Again, I see what you’re getting at, but… it’s important for anyone who is reading through this thread to understand that these are fantastic ways to get started.

And when you hit thresholds, you have options to buy your way out of them on this platform or by migrating to a 3rd party platform. While those are truely problems, they are good problems to have :smiley:

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