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CMS API stripping tags of a rich text field


I’m importing a blog from Jekyll to Webflow using the API. Everything is going quite smooth, and I’m submitting raw HTML to the post body attribute, but some tags are stripped, i.e ul, li or cite.

I understand that cite might not be supported in the frontend and I can remove it from the original post content, but ul and li are supported (I’ve created a post manuall with a list of items and there it is).

Here’s a fragment of the JSON:

 "name"=>"El reto de una buena gestión \"en la contratación\" de los fondos Next Generation",   
  "post-body"=>"<p>Y un <strong>importante reto</strong>, teniendo en cuenta que hasta la fecha España no ha aprovechado los recursos que la UE  ofrece:</p>\n\n<ul>\n  <li>Las administraciones no son especialmente ágiles contratando. Tampoco con la gestión de las subvenciones.</li>\n  <li>No siempre se da un control óptimo de la ejecución de los proyectos, lo que en ocasiones puede suponer “descertificaciones” y sanciones importantes.</li>\n</ul>\n\n..."

Could you bring some light on this?

This certainly would be an issue. To be sure are you mapping post-body to a rich-text field? If so open a ticket with Webflow support and see what they say.

I tested that post-body as an import value via a CSV and the list was rendered in the RTF field.

I have moved a few sites to Jekyll and Hugo but never the other way around. When you hear back from support, please update this topic.

Are the tags appearing in the published site?

In my experience with using PowerImporter, I’ve noticed that some tags don’t appear in the CMS editor, but appear fine when the site is published. It’s an annoying behavior, but it’s not a problem if you don’t plan on editing those rich text fields in Webflow.