Can I trigger a click from a different click? How to make one accordion option close when another is opened

I’m not able to use Tabs because I’m putting a collection inside and Webflow says I’m not allowed. So to get around that I’m creating an “accordion.” I’d like the accordion to close one option when another is opened. I have things styled the way I want it, but have no idea how to setup the interactions correctly.

I’ve reviewed this LINK which gets me close because I can trigger the close of the other accordion tab. What I can’t do with this version is open a tab, then just close that tab without clicking on another tab. I hope that makes sense…?

I’m on the Sermons page.

Here’s a video because I think I can explain it better during show-and-tell. LINK

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Not sure if a reply “bumps” this or not. Still could use some help.

Hey @emeffinsteve
I see that you changed components to be different dropdowns then ones that are in the original video, do you still need assiistance with this?
Let me know and we’ll help