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This is my very first post and the first time I am using Webflow. In the last few days I have tried to wrap my brain around it while I build a site. My issue is that I don’t seem to have used the correct layout when creating the Clients section. I know how I want it in my head, but using the correct containers for the relevant use is where I go wrong.

So basically, I have 26 client logos that I am looking to put into a nice tile - to have each one in a similar size, with equal spacing and that lives nicely in its container. After slaving away in the PC view and getting it to look more like I had in my head, as soon as I toggled to the Cellphone/Mobile view, it all went pear shaped…I realise it goes pear shaped when you haven’t designed a certain section properly - in that it isn’t correctly laid out.

So, can anyone please show or explain how I’m supposed to do that section correctly? In simple instructions if possible please!

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Resizing each client logo to the exact same size would help you out a lot.
There is of course a way to do this with code, but its unnecessary.

Can you use photoshop? Create a canvas 400 x 400px and drop each logo into the centre.
When your columns resize, the images will all adjust simultaneously.

This also means you will not need to set a class for each different logo. Every logo could have the same class of .client-logo.

Hope this helps.

On a side note…having looked at your design, I can see that you are using far too many elements to create the structure to your website. Try and limit the number of Div Blocks, Containers, Sections. Webflow is a UI for writing code. To get the most out of it, you should try and improve your knowledge of HTML & CSS . There are plenty of free resources out there!

Hello @adam_barley

I appreciate your response and insight, I’ll definitely try resizing in Photoshop. And thank you for your suggestions regarding the site, I’ll certainly be brushing up on HTML & CSS.

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