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Design Challenges

Hello All,

I have numerous challenges and I thought I’d list them below:

  1. Logo appears cut off (at times)

The Client Logo (Happy Media) seems to cut off the bottom of “be content”. When you are in the designer and scroll down the page, suddenly the logo shows correctly. When you scroll back up slowly, it looks chopped off again. If you scroll back down to the middle till it comes right, then quickly scroll back to the top, its perfect. I don’t need to know the technical reason for why that’s happening, but I just need to know that when the site goes live, will it show correctly?

  1. Basically, all my issues going forward are now from moving from the desktop view to the tablet, and mobile views. If I could get the rest of the views to be how it is on the desktop view I’d be very happy. The Hero Section in the desktop version is 600px high. To get it to look the same in the tablet I had to make it 400px high. In the landscape mobile it’s 300px high, and in the portrait it’s even less. In the mobile views, I’ve had to adjust the Hero text font size to try get it to fit and it really doesnt look good. I’m just very confused.

  2. The other section in the Tablet and mobile view that is incorrect is the Footer section. It’s all out of sync and I can’t for the life of me get it to look like the footer in the desktop view…

Appreciate any help - first time on webflow.

Here is my public share link:
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Hello! I don’t see any issues with the logo, it doesn’t get cut off at any point for me in the designer or preview mode. Maybe try moving it up a little bit with some top margin if it bothers you.

As for mobile, you’ve got the right idea. You are better off working with % instead of pixels.

What about the footer is out of order? I see the 2 pieces of content and an empty column.

Hello @Scott_Van_Zandt

Thank you for your response. Your feedback is encouraging, I’ll try the percentage with the mobile views.
With regards to the footer, if you look in the desktop view, in the top left of the footer is supposed to be the client logo, in the top right is a “Back to top” link, and then centered at the very bottom is some text. In the mobile view these go all out of sync/location and I seem to be struggling to get them to go back to the right place as per the desktop view…

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No worries @Scott_Van_Zandt I’ve managed to resolve the footer issues!

Thanks again!

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Anytime, best of luck with the rest of your design :slight_smile:

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