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Client Billing without profit, should i add tax?

Hi guys :wave: !

I’m using client billing to pass hosting fees to my client. I don’t add any profit or margin on top of the hosting so i will not receive any money in my own bank account.

  • This means that only webflow will be receiving money. I will not.
  • The invoice will only say “Webflow, Inc.” for the company name and for the email address. because i turned off “Use your company name and email in invoices
  • I will not be charging any profit for the services.

So i think i should leave the "Tax Percentage field empty.

Webflow responsed to my question with:

Any tax amount that is set in the “tax” field is issued to your bank account. This feature allows users to charge their clients for taxes if they need to, however we’d recommend reaching out to a tax professional in the Netherlands to better understand your tax liability.

If you are not charging a profit for the services, it’s possible you may not need to charge for taxes, and the hosting fee could be the only charge your client pays (directly to Webflow). However, our Customer Support Team is unable to provide tax or financial advice and we would always recommend speaking to an accountant or tax professional first.

So do i have to add a tax percentage or not, because the money is going to webflow, not me?

Did you find an answer to this?