Client asks if website is GDPR compliant?

My client is asking if his website is GDPR compliant… I am not sure what to answer as it is hosted via Webflow.

Anyone had to explain what GDPR compliance means to a client ?

I am a partner with Iubenda and reference their website often when working with clients looking for GDPR compliant services. It is too complex of a subject for a forum post plus I am not into giving legal advice and neither should you unless you are a lawyer.

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As Jeff indicates, GDPR and similar lawas are a complex area with multiple problem-layers. If you have clients in Europe, California, Germany, China, you have special laws to consider, and that list is growing fast.

This is not legal advice, but here are some notes you can review, with links to some of Webflow’s announcements and guidance, and some 3rd party resources like FS cookie consent.

I’d recommend you read all you can to understand the shape of the problem. That will help you understand which aspects are relevant to your client and to have a good discussion with them.

Then consult with Jeff to help you break down the problem and guide the changes you’ll need to make.

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