Clickthrough Links Change Based on Password Used

Hello -
Is it possible to build a password protected page where the clickthrough links on the page change based on the password used? Any integrations would work as well.
Appreciate your help.

Hi Kevin,

Using the built-in webflow page-level password feature, you can only have one password.

Using Memberships, you could do this but you’d have a login onboarding process, and would need to do a bit of scripting.

What you’ve described sounds like a marketing feature, so I’m guessing security might not be significantly important? If that’s the case, you could use a standard page, presenting a “password” field which really isn’t a password at all.

With whatever the user enters, you could redirect them to a collection page that has all the password-specific links you want.

You can enhance this in a few ways;

  • disable autogenerated sitemaps, so that it’s not easy to find those collection list URLs.
  • add META noindex to the collection page, to avoid Google indexing them
  • use script + sessionStorage to hide the content of the collection pages, except for someone who has come from the “password” page with the matching word