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Clicking on tabs is scrolling to the top of the page

I’m experiencing a weird bug whereby clicking on tabs is causing the browser to scroll to the top of the page… it doesn’t happen in preview, only when published. I thought it must be my project so I made a new one to test, this is literally just a few sections and then a tab elements dropped in… why is it scrolling to the top when they’re clicked?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK


This is happening to me too, it seem to be something to do with an anchor tag #w-tabs-1-data-w-pane-0 which is appended to the URL

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Yeah I noticed that – seems like a new thing as that isn’t appended on tab click on my older projects.

I tried adding those IDs to the actual tab content just in case it’d help but no dice :sweat_smile:

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Jesus christ… I’ve just spent 3h debugging this and now it seems as if it is a bug from the Webflow team? I am really damn bummed right now.

Hey, look on the bright side, it’s someone else’s problem now :wink:

It’s happening to me too :scream:… If someone fix this, please let us know!

It’s a webflow issue. I just got confirmation from support that it is a known bug and their engineers are currently working on resolving it. Fingers crossed it gets fixed soon. I’m holding back on pushing site updates to my live site until this is resolved

Just to close this thread out, it was a Webflow side bug, and it was fixed.

Does anyone know if there is a way to remove the blue focus on the tabs? This was never there for me before this bug occured.

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this still isn’t fixed for me

Not fixed for me either.

I’m experiencing the same issue, but with pagination instead of tabs…

@Daniel_Ternyak @Tommyboy did you republish since the fix? Mine seems to be fine.

@virtualatelier I noticed that too but it also seems to be gone now…

@ingmarc I suggest you report that as a separate issue

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