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Clicking on tabs is scrolling to the top of the page in 2021 June

Hi guys,

When I click on my product tabs, it scrolls all the way to the top?

I’ve noticed this exact bug was posted back in 2020, and it was marked as “resolved” and fixed by webflow, stating that it was a side bug… However, I’m facing the same issue?

Unless ofcourse it might be because I’m doing something wrong, I’m new to webflow, so would appreciate the help.

Here is my project

Please click on any product to view the product page and its tabs…


Ok, so now I understand whats happening… not ALL my tabs were completely finished having content in them at the time of writing this post for help.

Now that I’ve filled all the tabs, they no longer jump to the top of the page.

I’ve left this post in case it may help anyone else out.

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