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Click Counter Java Script

Hi there,
Please can someone help me with some javascript.
I would like to have a click counter that counts up when a user clicks on a button. In this case its the pledge button.

Webflow are using like counters on their site. I dont belive that they would be using technology that is not possible within webflow!

So the issue would be where you could store the count. Since it would need to persist at a server level, Webflow is not the tool to store it. That means you need to find a solution somewhere else.

Is it not possible to do it with a collection set?

You would think you could use the API with a app on another server pushing numbers back to a collection, but the API is rate limited for us. So no on a collection.

Regarding Webflow’s apparent use of “technology” if you look at the code you will see that is custom for that section of the site.

Look for a third party solution that allows you to embed that does not sell your user/visitor data. Sorry but I can’t spend more time on this for you.

That’s exactly what it is called, a click counter. I have created exactly the same for my website. What it does is, it works like a counter, When you click on a button it counts the number of click like 1,2,3,4…

The Technology I have used to create this is JS, HTML and CSS
You can run a demo here >>>

PS. Do let me know if you need any kind of help in understanding the code. I will be happy to assist you.

I want to bump this, because I don’t think JS is the solution either, unless you can store the data somewhere. It would need to save how many clicks it has had.

Can this be done in webflow?

Yes, surely you need click counter for this task its simple to count your every motion like tic tic tic 1 2 3… This Tool is made in JavaScript Html CSS.

The last few answers here have really not understood what OP is asking for. OP is not asking for a javascript click counter which is like two lines of code. OP is asking for a like counter that is stored on the server and shown to people.

agree only @webdev responded correct way