CounterUp.JS help!

I’ve been slamming my head on the wall trying to get this effect to happen.

I’ve seen someone post about this before, using this Jquery on their webflow site. However, I don’t want to just copy/past what’s written here, I want to apply the JS to my own html/CSS.

I want the numbers “A Year in Review: 2017 Highlights and Insights” section to count up when scrolled into view.

I created a around each number called “counter,” and included the following CSS and Java in the custom code:

Inside head tag:

.counter {
  animation-duration: 1s;
  animation-delay: 0s;

Before body tag

<script src=""></script>

  delay: 10,
  time: 2000
$('.counter').addClass('animated fadeInDownBig');
$('h4').addClass('animated fadeIn');

what am I missing here?

PS I am very new to Java and am basically just trying to copy and paste what I see elsewhere. If there’s a more elegant solution to this, I’d love to hear it.

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