Class Name Change Bug has gotten worse

Previously - reported this issue as

Change the name of a class through Style->Selector (not Style Manager)…

  • and the class name is not updated in Objects->Interactions.

Because of this… I have been making all class name changes in Style Manager.

Today. I changed a class name in the Style Manager…

  • and the class name was not updated in Objects->Interactions.


If you then exit the design and reload the project…

  • the non-updated class name is now EMPTY.

So basically, the Designer doesn’t update all references to the class name correctly…
and displays the old name.

When you reload the project… the Designer (in the Style Object) section cannot locate the “old class name”

  • and simply blanks out the name.

No project link. Not enough time to stop. Have manually fixed the issues and have moved on.

This is very frustrating.

I have encountered the EXACT SAME ISSUE on 2 different ACTIVE PROJECTS.

  • and several previous encounters with now non-active projects.

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