Class changes not being inherited on other pages

Hi there. I’m brand new to Webflow and, for the most part, am really liking the platform.

I’ve been running into a problem though today where I’ll make changes to a particular class on one page but the changes won’t be inherited on other pages. If you look at the screenshots below, I changed the padding on the “styleguide subtitles” class to 8pts above and below but those changes weren’t applied to my other page.

I’ve also been running into issues where font styles were completely removed from one of my pages so I had to go through and re-apply the styles to each one.

Fortunately I don’t have a ton of pages built out yet but, yikes, I shudder to think what a pain it would be if I did. :confused:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only:

@ptrnelson I do not see what you are talking about?

Did you by chance fix what you were trying to do?

I do not see any issue with the padding working from div to div.

Please let me know what if anything I can do to help?

Hey @QA_Brandon, I went in and updated all my text styles but I’m still noticing that, when I make a style change to a class on one page, it won’t update on other pages. For instance, I’ll change the padding to a particular div class on my layout page but it won’t change any of the same divs on my styles page even though they share the same class.

Are styles edits not inherited across pages?

@ptrnelson I found your issue. I have taken a screen shot and made some notes for you.

Hope this helps your issue.

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Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate your help!


thanks for this question. because i’v been searching answer of this topic .

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