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Why does Webflow monitor and restrict what type of websites you can make?

Hey all,

I’m a bit frustrated because I’ve been reading the Terms of Service for this lovely app which I’ve paid $400+ for, and realized that Webflow actually only allows certain types of content. You can get your subscription cancelled if you build any sites that have:

  • Anything considered offensive, up to Webflow’s discretion
  • Anything Profane
  • Non- Factual information
  • Adult Content
  • Adult Themes

As a freelancer who takes jobs to make all types of websites, these vague limits are extremely limiting, and mean that Webflow could take down most websites at their own discretion. I mean really, “offensive” is entirely subjective. Where’s the line on “non-factual information”? If I make a site for a local coffee shop and they fib about getting an award for best coffee, will my subscription be terminated?

I’ve created a post for it on the Webflow features wishlist, I’d appreciate it if everyone could give it a vote. If anyone has any idea why they do this or when they’re planning to fix it, please let me know. If Webflow only allows good Christian content, then it isn’t a versatile tool, it’s a toy meant for one type of website.


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