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Choppy Scrolling on Trackpad Macbook Pro

Hey, guys… so I just finished this page here:

I feel like I’m about to lose my mind through frustration because I don’t know why a simple page such as this one with no animations or anything is choppy when scrolling on a trackpad on my Macbook Pro.

Now, I have posted this question before and most said they didn’t notice it but I do. I use Chrome and it is up to date. I am also using High Sierra latest version. I never experienced this before I updated to High Sierra but I can’t find any support to back these issues I am experiencing, so I am reaching out to you (or those who use Macbook Pros or trackpads as well) and let me know if the scrolling gets choppy around the Pricing Charts section.

I really appreciate your input as this is frustrating me to no end! It should be buttery smooth with no hick-ups and the page should feel extremely lightweight.

Thanks so much!

Here is a video showing what it looks like for me.


I think I can maybe see what you mean… (just about) now that you’ve pointed it out

2017 Macbook Pro, High Sierra, latest Chrome

No idea why but maybe it’s just a mac thing - looks fine on iPhone

Also it’s the subtlest thing… although it’s probably not the answer you’re after, I honestly wouldn’t stress too much over it

On a completely unrelated note I’m digging those circle/beat transitions over the social icons :speaker:

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Yeah, it’s buttery smooth on my iPhone too! But it’s choppy on my mac and idk if I’m being crazy picky but things like that just bug the crap out of me man lol. I mean it really gets under my skin because I have no idea why.

Thanks for checking that out dude!
And thanks, I like the icons too! :wink:

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