Duplicated element trigger in other pages issue

Hi there !

I’m having issues with a “while scrolling in view” applied on same class elements, only affecting the interaction trigger. On my homepage, all my .blockReveal elements appears with a zooming effect when scrolled in view which is perfectly fine. Just as a test, I duplicated my homepage into another page called “Réalisations” with the exact same content and now, the interaction doesn’t seem to only be applied to the interaction trigger. Any ideas what could cause this ? :confused:

Here is my public share link: http://honok-refonte-2018.webflow.io


I think I’m encountering nearly the exact same issue and am looking for a solution as well. Frustrating that it’s doing this!

Here’s my thread in case you want to look at the issues I’m running up against:

Hopefully this gets figured out because it seems like strange behavior.

Yup ! Seems like you are having the same issue. I’ve red elsewhere that converting interactions into legacy ones for multi-pages interactions might resolve this, although it seems a bit counter productive :confused: I’ll give it a try later on this weekend and keep you posted.

Thank you for the response :smile:

Ufdah! Yeah, I agree - very counterproductive, but I suppose if that’s the only workaround, I’ll deal. And thanks!

I’ve put in a ticket to support too, so I’ll be curious to see what the official word is on how to deal with this and can keep you posted on their response, as well. :slight_smile:

Allright! I managed to make it work without using legacy animations :+1: So instead of setting my trigger to «affect: interaction trigger», I chose «affect: class > only children with this class» ! Thats it ! Hope it works for you as well :slight_smile:26

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Nice! I’m happy to hear that was the solution for you!

Unfortunately, I don’t think this will work for me, however. I’m using some of the pre-made interactions, and can only trigger a class, not its children. :frowning:

In the custom interactions you can do what you did, but the pre-made ones, it just limits you to the class option.

Thank you for keeping me updated, though - I appreciate it, and I’m glad things are working again for your site! :slight_smile: