Check web-site responsiveness

Hello everyone,
I just would like to ask how I can check site responsiveness on different devices. It difficult to build without proper layout info. On webflow it bit different. I have tried to check with online option , but all of them showing same answer - page not found

Hey Michael :grinning:

Webflow’s default “viewer” usually displays your site pretty good, you probably know that though!

A good option is nearly any devtool inside your browser!
Here’s a guide for chrome
Firefoxes devtools are just as good! They provide tests for all kinds of user agents too, like ipad etc.
Other than that, you can just resize your normal browser with your page open.

What do you mean with “page not found”?

Thanks for reply Daneel,
I mean when I’ve checked online - like on or similar sites , when I just drop my site URL I have same answer on all of them - refuse to connect ( sorry, not page not found) . It show refuse to connect

This one! for example

Is there a reason for why ssl is not enabled on your site?

Check the Advanced Publishing Options in the “hosting” tab in the project settings.

Disable the last option “Use …Headers”. If enabled the site will refuse to load inside <iframe> elements on sites with a different domain.
Maybe that’s your problem?

Thank you Daneel. I just made changes as you told me but still on this sites - same result. I just check with google dev tool. Probably will use only this way so far. Thanks a lot

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I tried it with some of my sites, the webflow hosted site also wont load, however after publishing it to a custom domain it works… Not sure why.

You really don’t need those services, the above mentioned tools usually suffice :slight_smile:

Thanks Daneel. My first site - I just started. Understand that this part is very important. So thanks you for help!

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Your site already looks gorgeous!
Hit me up, if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Webflow differs from most WYSIWYG editors in that is based on the real html structure. It’s not simply drag and drop - it requires an understanding of web-fundamentals and especially the box model.

I see that you are already fit & fluent with that! Keep me posted on your advances :heart_eyes:
I started out with a basis in design, if you feel like getting some feedback, I’d offer my humble opinion.

(I’m really not bragging or implying to be extraordinary)

Thanks, hope to finish it soon.