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I have two Check boxes in my form element. I want to submit my form data to two different email addresses depending on the check box that i click. example - if i click checkbox A then form data should submit to and onclick checkbox B form data should submit to i have only one form element on my page.kindly it possible in webflow without writing any code?

Hi @Shraddha_Naik_Chinch

Currently, this isn’t possible with Webflow. However, you can check out these work arounds:

And vote for this feature here: Different email settings for different forms | Webflow Wishlist

Hello Anna_Kelian . . . thank you for your reply. I have only form element in my webpage and two check boxes in the form element. So actual requirement is ,my form data should be send to different email address depending on which check box i click. can i set filter in my gmail settings depending on then checkbox value and not on the form name ? revert if you want to know more about my requirement.

{{formData }} contains all form information including checklist values.
So, your filter will be something like this:

Marketing is the name of the checklist. True is the value when the Marketing checkbox is checked.

​Hope this is helpful.

All the best,
Anna K

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Thank you! I will try and let you know how it works.

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Thank you! it worked for my test web page . hopefully it will work in my actual website.

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Glad to hear that :blush:

Good luck with your project!

All the best,
Anna K

your solution is working, but some other emails are also redirected to other email address(the one which is set for redirecting my emails). please revert in case you have any query?

Hi @web_crazy

Sorry, I don’t understand you correctly. Are you filtering the emails or redirecting them to another email?
Can you please share more details and screenshots of the unwanted behavior you are experiencing?


Iam filtering my emails eg: abc@abc,com (filter criterion eg : business user: true (check box name, value TRUE if checked)) and redirecting/forwarding it to other email address ( hope i am clear. Please revert in case of any query. Thanks!


If the value for has the words is in quotation marks like this: “business user: true”, I doubt any other emails will match the rule so, they shouldn’t be forwarded or filtered along with the correct ones.

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