Changing the Font in a Rich Text Block

I have a rich text block mapped with the CMS and I would like to change the font of the H2 but this is impossible I can only change the font of the paragraph.

How can I do this?


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If the content of the RTE is coming from a CMS collection, first you need to detach the CMS source, then give the elements the styling you need and only then you can reconnect the CMS source. Hope that makes sense!:slight_smile:

More info here.

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Hi Nicolasr

Is detaching the same as unchecking “get the text from…”? :nerd_face:
If I do that, will the text stay or be erased?

Thank you.


You can do it without disconnecting the cms source. You can apply the styling to a generic RTE and then apply that style to your cms element. More explanation here:

I was about to share the same video Port of Folio shared, it should cover your questions. There are a few added technique notes here as well.

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Are you the guy in the video? If it’s you, first thank you for your videos. I also wanted to tell you that I followed your tutorial to make an animated burger menu and when I wanted to check it on another computer, I noticed that the burger menu does not appear. Do you have any idea where the problem might come from? :pray:

Nope, this is Nelson, aka @PixelGeek
Great guy, he’s part of the Webflow team.

He is and was but has moved on.