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Changing Text Copy Color

Is there a way to change one or two words in a sentence to another color?

For example in the below screen capture, I want to change Activities Overview to black (instead of red like the rest of the sentence). I tried to add a different class to just those words, but it won’t let me select and change the class.

Also, I get this annoying drop down below the xA that blocks text that I’m trying to edit. One one of my computers this drop down box doesn’t appear, but on my main computer it does. Any way to remove it?

Thanks in advance.

highlight the text you want to change. Add a span to it by clicking the little paint brush that you can see in your second screen shot.

Add a class to that new span and style it the way you like.

What you basically do when you want to highlight certain words, is that you give that word a span-class.
Select the word “Activites Overview” and then you click on the brush-icon (the fourth icon from the left on the image below). Then you give it a class and then you can style the word exactly the way you want.

Regarding the dropdown…I don’t know. Try another browser maybe?

Thank you guys (Davidn and StevenP). That answered my question.

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