Color parts of texts within an h1/2/3/4/5

Is it possible to make text within a header different?

Select the letters or words, click the brush icon, give this new element a class name, style as desired.

You end up with this code: <h1>your title with a <span class="red">red</span>word in it</h1>

Can you also create a hoverstatement text wise, by starting normal and in hover making it bold. I tried, but it’s not working?

You can, but don’t use the bold feature of the text tool, use the bold version of the font in the typography panel. However this is never recommended as bold font will push all the characters following the word a bit further away, making a whole block of text possibly moving.

That was exactly what I did @vincent use the text tool, it now works, but I see now why I wouldn’t want to use it. Ill use text shadows instead to make the letters pop more. Thanks.

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