Changing name of collection 's' character to collection name [ NEVER MIND ]

no errors in console.


Integromat also sees “Kleurens” instead of “Kleuren”

That’s odd. Could you try it in a different browser? I couldn’t see any problems with changing a Collection name myself.

Will try it out now with firefox incognito. :slight_smile:

An other dutch webflower says he has the same issue.

That’s strange. I’ve never seen that before and wouldn’t think it’s location specific. Let us know if it’s still not working for you.


Still having this issue in Firefox incognito too.

Trying to remove the s: . Click save collection:

Goes back to kleurens again:

It just happens to put a ‘s’ character when creating a new collection too.

Never mind I’m stupid… Apparently webflow always add a s for plurals… it didn’t occured to me that this happened before, because I used english naming instead of dutch.

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Oh hah :sweat_smile: good to know you figured it out!

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