Can't create new collection item


I’ve tried to create a new collection item in my project. This item also features some images. I filled in all the sections, however I’m unable to click on the “create” button, nor can I delete the image of “Artwork thumbnail whole size”, because it is grayed out… I guess that is given the issue of the create button not being enabled. There were no errors in console.

This is my sharelink

I hit the cancel button… it asked me to save the changes… I saved it, the bug is gone now…

Same thing happened again today.

And again… In other collection too:

Unable to upload a new image to thumbnail 2…

I’d recommend reaching out to Webflow Support as this seems like a bug.

I have reached out to them. I thought it was only the second option with the images… but the third one is acting weird now too :frowning:

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