Changes I am making in Mobile view are making changes up to desktop

Hey there. So, I am designing my first website in webflow and am struggling with getting my mobile views to be clean and easy. They are a mess! And when I try to adjust and make changes, I notice that those changes are effecting tablet, desktop, and up. I am confused, b/c I thought those changes should only cascade down (from desktop). I peaked a few different topics/posts and scoured youtube for some help, but am just not finding out exactly why things are such a mess on mobile. One thing I noticed - I removed a photo on mobile - It wasn’t removed from tablet, desktop… BUT when I added a new image to mobile, that image block showed up across all views. Here is a read-only link of my site (it’s a mess… I am learning :slight_smile: Webflow - carolynkim

Hi @Carolyn_Kim,

Can you confirm whether the changes were layout changes (changing the order of elements), or styling changes?

Styling changes (CSS) will ‘Cascade’ down, but making changes to the order of elements (DOM) will affect the structure of your site on all viewport sizes.

Hope that helps.