Changing links on hover mode


I’m trying to change the link attributes for an element which has a hover state. I can change the design attributes for the hovered element, though I cant change where it links to, and the text itself…

What do you mean by this - you try to change where it links to and it doesn’t work or you cannot find the setting for this?

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Iv’e figured out how to change where it links to, though let me explain a bit to make it clearer:

I have an image that when on hover, shows an overlay of solid color with a text which reads: “Learn More”.

I want to change the “Learn More” text to “View Project”, though I can’t seem to find how to change this text.

Thank you for your help!

Would you post a share link of your project?

of course,

Check the “Works” section.

Thanks again.

Well, my wrong, I did not explain, this is actually a share link: :slight_smile:

got it :slight_smile:

You’re a champ. It worked :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I’m very possibly asking a silly question here and it might be because I’m not totally understanding what was being done here so apologies in advance if that’s the case but I was just wondering why you can’t just double-click on the text and type over it to change it?

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The overlay did not allow immediate access to the text, I guess it was because of a z-index or something like that.

Ah okay, thanks.

I checked out the preview and was able to edit in the way I mentioned but I’m guessing something must have changed in the mean time.


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