Text can't be selected to edit

I have a custom hover state on some portfolio thumbnails and have been able to edit the text within this hover div easily up until today. Now, for some reason, when I click the text, the containing link block holding the thumbnail image and hover div is selected and I’m not able to edit the text within the hover div.

I have tried in the Designer in both Safari and Chrome, both have the same problem. I was able to edit the text (in a clunky way) using the editor, but that’s not a long term solution!

I have also played around with the z-index of each element with no success.

Is this a Webflow bug or am I doing something wrong here? Reloaded page numerous times.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hey Mark_Bridgwater-

You have the “pressed” state on the hover element set to display none, which causes it to disappear when you click on it and thus prevents you from editing the text. Removing that pressed styling will do the trick. See below

Ah, so simple! Thank you!!

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