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Changing from Full VH images in mobile and sizing DIVs

As you’ll be able to see from the link below we have a series of photos in a slider that are VH 100

On mobile that’s not great because with the reduced screen size the top mobile nav (position:fixed) renders over important parts of the image.

My thinking is that on mobile breakpoints I’ll switch the nav to be position:relative and that will cause the collection list and slider to no longer flow underneath it but instead be pushed down keeping the images clear of the nav.

That works OK but now the collection list is hanging off the bottom of the page because it is 100VH.

How do I keep the images taking up all the vertical content of the page minus the top nav?

I thought I’d gotten it to work and it looked OK in the desginer but when i executed the page and the slider was created none of the images were visible

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