Div Block Sizing Issues Within a Slider

Hey Webflow Community,

I’m having a tough time with a slider I want to use for my Hero section on my website. I was able to make it work initially by having the size of the ‘Hero Slider’ element set to 100vh. However, on the Mobile Landscape breakpoint, the content gets cut off (of course). When I set the Min Height to 100vh, the Div Block I’ve placed within each Slide doesn’t scale to 100% of the parent element (the slide).

The ideal outcome is to have the Slider element by 100vh with the Div Block and its contents being centered in the Hero Section. Then, on Mobile Landscape, I want there to be enough padding at the top so that none of the content gets cutoff.

Any ideas what the solution is?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Galaxy Fit Lab

Hi! Does setting Div Container’s position to absolute and setting all sides to 0 accomplish what you want?