Changing Form Field Font Color

Hi everybody! :smiley:

I am trying to change the font color to gold on my contact form, but it doesn’t seem to change anything when I try to change it.

Refer to “Jerry Fogue” to understand what I’m trying to change in terms of font color.


Thank you!

Are you referring to the placeholder color? Or the color of the text inside of a form field when there is a value?

I know that it changes to the selected color when I am typing in it, but I can’t change it when it is static. Is this not available in Webflow without custom code? Will it be added as a feature?

At the moment there’s no option for it, but we definitely want to add it!

I’ll switch this topic to be a wishlist item.


Ok, thank you very much for clarifying!

Throwing this into some custom code should do the trick.

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