Cannot change the source of the collection list settings

I am working with a free e-commerce template from webflow. Everything was going smoothly up until I tried to change the category page on the website. This page is indicated to be in the “E-commerce pages” section, and it is highlighted in purple. Whenever I tried to change any value in these pages, it shows a lock in the source of the collection item I want to change. I can’t seem to unlock it because there are no CMS collections due to the fact that the collection comes from the template. Is there a way I can create a new source or change the current one?

The problem is mainly encountered in all the category sections, like accessories and jewelry.

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hello Juan!

Happy to help answer any questions regarding Collection Page templates and specifically the default Categories template page that comes with Ecommerce.

Can you provide a proper read-only link by following the instructions below:

Also, any screenshots of where you are seeing the lock icon on something you want to edit would be great!

In general, if you have a collection list on any page, and that collection list already has elements in it that are “bound” to data points, then you are not able to change the source of that collection list. However, you can select each item and unbind the data points so there are none bound within the list item, then you should be able to change the source in the settings tab.

Hi Corey,

Can you be more specific on that bound? I cannot find it. I bought the template and created my own data source. I would expect to change it easily however I cannot find any solution to it.

Thank you