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Change the text in a Nav Bar dropdown menu item

Hey Community,

I have an issue that I have a typo in a dropdown menu in our Navbar (Resources > Become an Afiliate). I cannot find how to edit the pure text content.

I have found the item in webflows design navigator but can’t find anything indicating how to change the text content. Anyone has a hint?

Here is the read-only file: Webflow - TextCortex AI - Generate Product Descriptions, Long Form Blogs, Emails And Copy Text in Seconds

A link to your site is useless. Clicking that link shows a non-secure site.

Post a read-only file if you want assistance.

Took the link off as it probably is confusing. I am just looking for a solution to edit the text content of a nav bar in the webflow designer.

We can’t help unless you post a read-only file.

now I understood it. thanks for the screenshot!

Easiest way is to drag the 5th dropdown-link (Nav → Dropdown list) above the dropdown list edit the text and to again drag it in the dropdown list.