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Change the meta titles and description

Hi, My name is Joseph Shan. I am running the client website. But, I have an issue with the meta title and descriptions of the pages. I did not know the exact limit of the meta titles and descriptions of the webpages. If anyone knows then let me know with an example.

Thanks in Advance!


What to you mean by “limit” (Number of characters)?

Meta descriptions can be any length, but Google generally truncates snippets to ~155–160 characters. It’s best to keep meta descriptions long enough that they’re sufficiently descriptive, so we recommend descriptions between 50–160 characters. Keep in mind that the “optimal” length will vary depending on the situation, and your primary goal should be to provide value and drive clicks. Meta Description [2021 SEO] - Moz

If not please add more information (Hard to understand your issue).

Webflow docs:

Hi Joseph!

Search engines fully show a meta title up to 65 characters . After that, it will continue with ellipses (…)
Search engines fully show a meta description of up to 155 characters , including spaces. After that, it will continue with ellipses (…)

The optimal meta description length is usually between 140 and 155 characters.

You can check how your title and description will show on SERP with Popupsmart’s Google SERP Tool.

Good Luck! x