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Change the background image in the first section

Hi Community!

I am looking to change the background image of the first section and when I try it it just doesn’t want to go into the entire section but rather just a part of the section. Who can help me?

can you give us your project’s read-only link so we can see where the issue is?


I woud like to be able to replace the mirrored, multi colored background behind the video! Thank you for looking at this!


Try clicking on the Body, and replace the background image there. The background is attached to the Body, not any particular section. Hope this helps.

Hum, still not understanding. I have to get going to work now but maybe try and explain again as I am having a hard time with this one? :smile:

OK, with the right panel for Body (All Pages) like in your screenshot, scroll down and you should see a Background section, and then Image & Gradient. Under that you should see background.png – that’s the one you’d need to replace. Click on it and then you have an option to replace the image with one you want to use.

Hi @Sara, I would follow @JWebsBz’s suggestion, and one more thing to add, you will not see the background image option until you toggle the advanced settings button:

Cheers, Dave :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply guys! I did as you suggested but this changed ALL the BACKGROUND images and I just want to change the first one where the video is posted, how can I do this? Seems the issue is that that one body section spreads throughout the entire web page - do I create another body section and name it something unique?

If you have any advise I would be grateful,

I guess you have to put this image on background of section, which you want to change, not like body background.

Hi @Sara, I was taking a peek at your site, and right now, you have the section with the video also having most other elements on the site in the same section, so that section is almost as long as the body itself, is this what you are trying to do?

Do you want the background image to be the background image for everything in that section, or just the video?

Hi Dave, just the section behind the video but I might not bother. They say complete things at 98% and remaining 2% are not effective anyways.

If you have any advise I will take it, but if not, don’t worry about it!


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